Friday, 26 April 2013


Village Bookstore, Leeds - Preston is my Paris launch event.


Café Royal Books - 2013 Project.

Books, photographs, and drawings from over 20 countries sharing common themes of communication and dissemination.

This exhibition was new and exciting. As we are currently producing our own publications, it was a great opportunity to look at others work and get inspiration from these great photographers and artists. 

Hannah Metcalfe - This was my favourite book because of the graphic design aspect. The screen-printing technique and neon colours draw me in. This book inspires me to want to learn the screen-printing process 

UCLan Media Factory - BA Hons Photography First Year Book Exhibition

 This is my favourite from the exhibition, a class mate of ours Dean Baybutt. He created a range of slides alongside a slide viewer and placed them inside a loaf of bread. I loved the creativity and originallity of this idea. The shots were amazing and very interesting. - Alex Hartley 

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